LINX2Funds is a revolutionary fundraising and revenue generation program that doesn’t ask supporters to do anything they aren’t already doing.

How you create revenue

It’s a win/win opportunity:

  • Your members simply purchase the services and products they already use every month through you.
  • Your organization receives a one-time bonus and/or regular monthly revenue depending on the specific products and services your supporters purchase.

Each LINX2Funds participant gains access to:

  • A portfolio of services that allow your members to collectively save money and generate proceeds for your organization through their monthly purchases.
  • A superior tracking system that monitors the activity of your members and supporters and effectively reports monthly proceeds.

The tools we provide to ensure your success

  • A program that allows a LINX2Funds participant to contribute to the success of other organizations by sharing the program with them and earning significant additional financial resources based on what those other organizations earn.
  • Customizable website
  • Virtual Office online to track your program growth
  • Marketing materials for member outreach


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The LINX2Funds mission is to offer a unique fundraising program that provides organizations the opportunity to generate upfront and residual revenue simply by helping their members save money on every day telecommunications, entertainment, wellness and other needed services.

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